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LED Street/Road Lighting or High Pressure Sodium Street/Road Lighting???

Aug. 16, 2017

Roughly dating back to the year of 2000, the concept of LED is gradually recognized by massive groups of people not only from the field of indoor lighting like led bulbs but outdoor lighting engineering like led street/road lighting or others as well. Every newborn will experience its controversial period while LED lighting products have eventually survived and got started to extend their marketing shares at an alarming rate from almost all walks of people’s life. Taking street/road lighting as an example, under the policy of a more energy saving and environmental situation worldwide, more and more regions are ordered for the enforced replacement to LED’s from traditional halogen or high pressure sodium ones. Then is it really true that LED street/road lighting fixtures are more efficient and better than high pressure sodium street/road lighting? At the very beginning, let’s take a brief look at a chart of comparison below:

Category250w High Pressure Sodium Road/Street Lighting Fixtures80w LED Road/Street Lighting Fixtures
Regular Color Temperature3000k,3500k3000k-6500k for options
DriverHigh pressure, high frequency driver with flicker occasionallyDC driver without any flicker 
Light Decayat least 35-40% for 5000hrsLess than 10% for 5000hrs
Environmental ProtectionContain mercury and other heavy metal elements for the result of air pollutionWithout any harmful factors
LifetimeNo more than 10000hrsas high as 70000hrs
Energy saving High consumption electricitySave more than 70 percent of electricity

From every indicator above, it is obvious to see that LED Road/Street Lighting products enjoy more and superior advantages compared with the other. In the meantime, still a certain portion of people regard it as a foolish practice for the replacement of LED road/street lighting. In the eyes of their own, the warm white has totally disappeared for the instead of cool white, which greatly reduced people’s general vision of surrounding architectures by LED sources street/road lighting fixtures and more importantly, warm white is a representative of the home and warmth, I guess, that might also be the reason why filament bulbs are so popular in recent years especially among European and American regions. Frankly speaking, there’s no denying that we take the feeling of drivers and citizens into our first priority for the perspective of road/street lighting engineering construction. 

And just not a while ago Bridgelux released its new generation of LED chip sources which can reach the same color that high pressure sodium lamps achieved. After the press conference, almost all the outdoor industrial lighting manufacturers along with customers are overjoyed with great excitement by this research and innovation. 

There’s no ending for the development of LED lighting and it is also a permanent path for improving and perfecting the system of led road/street lighting infrastructures. As one of the golden suppliers for exterior lighting, J-Ray Lighting will surely spare no effort to concentrating   and creating professionally on our own lighting products for the long run and provide our customers with the best quality service experience.

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